Our First “Holiday”

Initially, when I thought about which days would likely be the most difficult after Isabelle passed away, her birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas were on the top of my list. I never considered that Halloween might trigger some strong emotions. A few weeks ago, I made the huge mistake of walking down the costume isle at Wal-Mart. There were racks full of baby costumes. I felt like someone had just slapped me. I began to mentally prepare for what was turning out to be a much more difficult “holiday” than I initially thought.

This week, Facebook pictures of cute babies dressed in adorable costumes have begun to creep onto my Facebook newsfeed. A small part of me wants to throw my computer in frustration, while another part of me prays that those parents know that their little ones are a true blessing. Too often, we don’t appreciate what we have until it is taken from us.

So what are my Halloween plans? Since my wonderful hubby will likely be stuck at work, I plan to sip wine and watch Halloween movies with a good friend. (Hocus Pocus, anyone?) When the trick-or-treaters come, I will likely hold back a few tears, smile, and offer them as much candy as they want.

To all of you mommies and daddies out there – hug your little ones, take lots of pictures of their adorable costumes, and treasure every moment that God gives you with your precious children.

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