What’s in a name?

Clare. As soon as Matt and I found out that we were having a girl, the name Clare was on my heart. We debated for several weeks before settling on Isabelle Clare. It was the perfect name.

So, what’s in a name? Matt and I felt strongly that our daughter’s name should have meaning. We loved the idea of naming her after a saint. As Catholics, we believe that the saints are very holy people who pray and intercede for us from heaven, the same way a friend might pray for you on earth. We liked the idea of naming our daughter after women who were examples of holiness and who would intercede for our family. I knew early on that I wanted her to be named for St. Clare of Assisi, founder of the Poor Clares and close friend of the popular St. Francis of Assisi.

Two of my closest friends were also due to have babies this year. The first one delivered a sweet baby girl in April. We were excited when they announced that her middle name was Chiara, which is Italian for Clare. (This beautiful family was living in Rome at the time.) They had no idea that we planned to use Clare as well. After Isabelle passed away, this friend’s husband traveled back to Rome with his parents on vacation. While they were there, their hotel room was broken into. All of their belongings, suitcases, computers etc. were stolen, except one item – the statue of St. Clare that they had purchased for us. I am so thankful for this astonishing reminder that St. Clare has been praying for our family during this difficult time.

My other friend gave birth to a baby girl this Friday, October 10. I was brought to tears when I found out that her middle name was also Clare. Isabelle was supposed to grow up with these precious girls, all who share a birth year and middle name. When I think of them, part of my heart hurts because I am reminded of the fact that my daughter will never giggle and play with either of them. At the same time, it brings me some consolation to know that for their entire lives Isabelle will always pray for them in a very special way.

St. Isabelle Clare – Pray for us!

St. Clare of Assisi – Pray for us!

St. Isabelle of France – Pray for us!




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